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Since the Confucius and Mencius, our reading, appreciation mode is generally "Zhiren on the World." Most of us identify "the text as its person", which is justified, but not comprehensive. If I say, every text on the first character, and works on the hero.
We can easily understand the "words for the voice", that works reflect their character. The so-called "stagnation almost the heart and the sound", the work itself will certainly have the author's personal character penetration. I think it is not poetry skills, but the soul of the poet's touching thing. The same is a pile of bones of the bones of the bones of the dead, , A lot of people walked past, but did not see. Just imagine, if Du Fu is not concerned about the fate of the people of the heart, and how to speak from the heart? Great mind, projection in the literature, is still a great work, is noble character.
However, this is not to say that behind the noble works must be refined people. We read Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" from the beginning, reading the Jews' preoccupation with it, and seeing that money was as vicious as the life, and finally realizing that people can not be enslaved to money. Shakespeare has been famous for years after the money ran around. His money, such as life, or even the issuance of usury loans, but also because a person can not pay off the property on schedule and angrily, court. At this time we look at Yuan Haowen, "the article Ning Fu see people", it is particularly ironic and thought-provoking: the elegant works can not see write on its pen character. So, how can you, like Confucius, the same piano countless, deduced its man-man; how can the same as Meng Fuzi "know their people, on the world" mean?

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